About us

We started out as U-en Art Inc., as a company that handles elegant lacquerware, with the idea of “Yuen,” a Japanese word which means “making a connection.” Our goal is to cherish the relationships we have with the people we have met so far, and with the people we will meet in the future.

We manufacture wooden products, mainly lacquerware made of genuine lacquered natural wood and metal. We use wood and metal processing technologies that we have developed over the years.

Our idea is ” Lacquerware makes your home time more wonderful.” so we urge you to incorporate lacquerware into your lifestyle.


June 2, 2008
Axis Vantage Company was established.
We performed precision parts processing, medical equipment precision parts processing, the design and manufacture of jigs, unit assembly, parts processing and installation, and the conception, design, electrical control, and assembly of tools such as automatic control devices.
We started manufacturing lacquered Buddhist utensils.
We began to produce wooden lacquerware.
September 10, 2020
We changed our company name to U-en Art Inc.
and started full-scale production and sales of wooden lacquerware and wooden cups.
December 2020
Uen Art online shop opened (domestic sales only)
October 2021
Muko City hometown tax return gift registered
August 2022
Exhibition and sales begin in a space set up in a corner of the workshop
October 2023
Kyoto Prefecture hometown tax return gift registered
January 2024
We updated our webpage.


Netcrew Co., Ltd. https://netcrew-kyoto.jp/
Mine Tanigawa https://minetanigawa.com/
Kusunoki Moderick Co., Ltd. http://www.moderick.co.jp/


14-6 Koyanagi, Morimoto-cho, Muko-shi, Kyoto,
617-0003 Japan